Supplier Development

Because your company’s reputation is not worth risking

By 2011 China made almost half the world’s new ships, and 70% of the of the world’s new computers.

With those type of numbers you could be forgiven for believing that many of the "made in China" quirks which were somewhat commonplace in the sector in the 90’s and the start of the 2000’s were now history, relegated to the bin.

However there are still issues with supply chain management in China today and many of the risks you might have faced around product quality, credibility and fraud can still be present.

Here are some of the more common issues you may face:

  1. Scammers These are companies that take your money with no intention of ever delivering a product in return. Their websites can look very professional with some even achieving gold member status on “Alibaba”。
  2. Fake manufacturers These companies may or may not be able to manufacture the products they offer but are more likely to be agents who have connections to factories but don’t make the actual products themselves. This costs you time, money and resources as the factory isn’t going to take as much care with your order as the agent probably gets a paid by the factory as well as you. And as virtually every gold member supplier on Alibaba can describe themselves as a "manufacturer" without recourse sorting the real manufacturers from the fakes can be difficult.
  3. Unprofessional manufacturers Some manufacturers don’t take the care that they should with products relying on volume and turnover to keep in business rather than ongoing relationships with clients. Their poorly maintained equipment, understaffed facilities and quality control processes means they are unable to meet your quality requirements on a regular basis.
  4. Defective products Most suppliers need 100% of their payment before they are willing to ship products which can be a scary prospect for you if only 70% of the order has been filled or shipping hasn’t been confirmed before you deposit funds. And while 90% of a product might be up to standard or nine out of 10 manufacturers be reputable the concern is the one, or 10% that is not. This can be especially concerning when many manufacturers are not eager to honor the spirit of the contract once goods have been delivered. Buyers can also sometimes find the quality of the sample they have received doesn’t match the quality of the final product and the certification documents don’t exactly cover the products shipped.
  5. Others Issues delayed lead times, incorrect packaging, incorrect shipping documents, improperly loaded containers can quickly turn very successful China sourcing projects into financial failures.

When we take on new clients

At Price Well Solutions we take our clients needs seriously and will only take on a contract if it meets the three following criteria:

  1. Only if it is in our area of expertize.
  2. Only if we feel we are able to actually assist you as our client
  3. Only if the client is looking long-term benefits.

Available services of Supplier Development:

Initial survey Get a right idea on your purchasing cost, how we select suppliers.

By checking dozens of related suppliers can put together a list of five world class manufacturers for you to consider sourcing product from.

 We are looking for the best suppliers and will look into the company’s plant as well as circumstances and report all the related information back to you so you can make a confident, assured choice.

Factory audit Because seeing is believing

Beside If you want to make an informed choice when select a company from China to source from then an on-site audit is highly recommended, especially it is the first time you’ve dealt with a China supplier.

Factory photos can be faked, and production lines can be falsified so it’s a good idea to ensure that your potential China manufacturer is capable of doing everything it says it can.

Business trip assistance Not just trouble free, but also high efficiency

When you are considering a business trip to China, imagine how helpful it would be to have a local professional organise everything in advance and follow it up with language, negotiation, and logistical assistance.

Moreover, it is a good way of coming to grips with local culture and business customs.

Ordering assistance All possible assistance to secure and improve the ordering process.

We can also assist with:

  • Preparation of contracts in accordance with China commercial law.
  • Ad hoc Negotiation and translation assistance.
  • Express sample assessment.

Previous experience:

We have experience with all the following products:

  • LED lighting
  • E-cigarette products
  • Electrical parts
  • Phone accessories
  • Other consumer electronics

We have experience in components for the following devices:

  • Toys
  • Gadgets
  • Home supplies
  • Hardware products