Inspection Services


What We Can Do For You

  1. Eliminate the risk of receiving defective goods and ensure that you make every purchase in confidence.
  2. Get the true complete picture on shipment contents from an objective third party.
  3. Discover potential problems in advance and solve them before goods are transported.

The right level of inspection for the contract
Whether it is your first shipment from a supplier or a reliable regular source for products we will do our utmost to ensure sample sizes match the efficiency and detail taken in inspections matches your required needs.

Our main sampling system is the ISO 2859-1, AQL standards ,Z1.4-2003, put together by the American National Standard Institute and American Standards Quality Control and consistently do consignments work at general levels one through three and special levels from one to four.

However we are proficient in a range of quality control systems and are more than happy to utilize your preferred sampling system when inspecting goods.

Available PWS Inspection Services

We can offer the following testing services:

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Which inspection option is best for you

If you are considering a trading new supplier you haven’t dealt with before you might want to consider the following plan:

  1. A factory audit
  2. Place your order or make a down payment
  3. carry out a DPI
  4. Complete a pre-shipment inspection
  5. Making the balance payment

A factory audit is a complete must in this situation


If you have a strong existing relationship with the supplier then you might want to consider the following plan:

  1. Make the down payment
  2. Carry out a DPI or pre-shipment inspection
  3. Make the balance payment


If you are sourcing an intricate product with many aspects which need checking you may want to consider this plan:

  1. Ask for an initial sample
  2. Carry out an early production inspection
  3. Complete a during production inspection
  4. Complete a pre-shipment inspection


If you are concerned about a suppliers’ container loading procedure or think goods are likely to be damaged during loading or you are ordering several different product lines from the same supplier then we think Container Loading Supervision is necessary.

Different case different situation, you are always welcomed to ask us for a free consultant, to find out the best inspection options.

Different cases call for different solutions so please don’t hesitate to ask one of our experienced team for the best plan for your business.


What to do if one of your orders fails inspection

While we may discover a major problem with inspected items, but the decision to accept the shipment, reject the shipment or accept it with considerations is up to you.

We will include detailed inspection reports with every shipment we inspect so you will have all the information you need to make your decision confidently.

Generally we recommend that customers receive the pre shipment inspection report before paying the balance payment of the order.
This is to provide you with the most bargaining power possible during any dispute process and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

While the law can be complicated we strongly recommend paying the purchase deposits before signing detailed procurement contracts with suppliers.


Why choose us

  1. We have built our business soundly on three core values to ensure the best service experience for customers:


    1. We strive to be Reliable to act with integrity and respect impose clear and uniform rules upon ourselves,impose the same requirements upon our suppliers and do everything in our power to maintain our reputation.
    2. We also believe in the value of Helpfulness so when needed, a PWS employee will lend a hand, even if it is not directly related to his or her job.
    3. We also respect the value of Creativity We do not believe in creativity for its own sake but believe it is an intergral part of ensuring customers don’t experience unexpected issues.
  2. As well as putting together an objective inspection report, we also want to help customers improve their China supply chain management process.
  3. We don’t step out of our bounds of expertise so you can be sure that we know the products and processes we inspect inside out, resulting in a better experience for you.

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