Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)

What is Ordering Fulfulment ?

Ordering Fulfilment and Pre-Shipment Inspection is carried out when products are 100% produced and 80% packed. Random sampling inspection is done based on international sampling standard.

In the report,we will fully present you the shipping quantity, packing condition and whether the products meet the requirement of acceptable quality level (AQL)so you are able to decide whether accept or reject the shipment.


What do we check in Ordering Fulfulment inspections?

① Inspection of shipping quantity

② Products style, size and color

③ Appearance inspection

④ Product function and safety

⑤ Integrity of package

⑥ Packing details

⑦ Shipping mark

⑧ And any other special requirements you may have


What you can benefit from the Ordering Fulfulment Inspection?

1) Having first hand real information on the quality of your product, and to make sure whether the supplier follow your request on the packing and mark.

2) If the quality failed to meet your requirement,with our help,you could cease the shipping process and confront your vendor directly.