During Producton Inspection(DPI)

What is Product Monitoring?

Product Monitoring (or During Production Inspection) is completed when 20%-80% of products are finished,inspection and evaluation on quality of the semi-finished products and finished products with report according to the specification requirements of your goods.


What do we check during Product Monitoring?

① Inspect semi-finished products at every production process

② Inspect finished products

③ Inspect packing information and materials

④Production line evaluation and production schedule confirmation

⑤Have defective products improved

⑥Evaluate delivery time


What you can benefit from Product Monitoring?

1) Ensuring whether the quality of the product meet your requirement,if not, implement the necessary corrective actions before having too many defects

2) Knowing the actual product production progress,if can be predicted to delay, ask supplier to adjust production progess to meet your delivery date.

3) Avoiding unexpected delays and costs