Initial Survey

Initial Survey

What we can do for you

  1. Find you the best potential suppliers over a 2-5 day period.
  2. Sort 3-5 viable suppliers from a list of 12-36 quotes by running checks on the company’s background.
  3. Ensure there are no hidden costs or snags in a suppliers quote
  4. Provide you with a clearer, deeper understanding of the Chinese manufacturing industry with information specific to your product range.


How PWS works for you through Initial Survey

  1. You tell us your requirements .
  2. We evaluate the case, and quote a service fee, and estimated completion time.
  3. You accept the service fee and pay half of the service fee
  4. We start to search suppliers, collect quotations and check their background.
  5. We may come back to you with questions during the survey
  6. You will receive the survey report in around 3 days.
  7. You pay the balance of service fee only if you are satisfied with the result.


Your cost to use Initial Survey service:

Fee: All inclusive cost per case= 500$* K (K=difficult index=0.5~1.5).

Waiting time: 2-5 working days.


We make the following promises for your initial survey

1,Open, transparent service

As an independent 3rd party firm, hired by our clients as buyers we are committed to you. We will never hide anything from you nor accept any commission or benefits from suppliers.


2,Objective and impartial research

We use a set, tested method of researching companies to ensure you get objective, impartial and detailed information about the companies you are considering.


3,Safeguard your interests and protect your image

We will always strive to get you the best price and terms while also working towards building a good relationship with suppliers as developing a win win relationship is always more profitable in the long term.


I already have many quotes, what do I need an initial survey for?

Get quotes faster with less unpleasant surprises: As we are locally based and have a professional procurement team we can put together a list of actual factories able to supply you with goods in the space of a few days. And because we run background checks on everybody we can rule out unsuitable suppliers faster.

Get attention of China’s top manufacturers: The top suppliers prefer companies working with professional procurement companies like PWS because it smooths the negotiation process and removes the confusion from dealings. Suppliers often feel that only serious buyers with constant demand will hire a professional procurement companies as supply chain inspectors.

Review the sample report of initial survey:


Apart from regular initial survey service, there are other optional total solutions available to you:

  1. Initial survey + sample evaluation
  2. Initial survey + economic on-site survey
  3. Initial survey + sample testing (electronic products)


It is worth getting a full package to ensure you know everything about a possible supplier.

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