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Factory Capability Audit


The internet has made it possible to source suppliers and products from all corners of the globe within seconds. However, sorting good quality suppliers/products from the trash and scam artists can be difficult.
Even separating straight trading companies from manufacturers can be a challenge.

For example, any business that obtains the Alibaba Gold Supplier status (something which merely costs a couple of thousand dollars and comes with no quality assurance whatsoever) is able to list themselves as ‘manufacturer for as long as they like with no checking from Alibaba itself or any recompense if it is found out to be untrue.
Not even company photos of industrial grounds can be an indication of an actual factory. The advent of Photoshop has made it possible for traders to take generic factory photos and add their own logo to signage.

A factory capability audit is highly suggested when it is the first time to purchase from someone.


Why You Should Order a Factory Capability Audit

  1. You could sign a deal with a scammer who has no intention of completing your order
  2. You could sign a deal with a trading agency who passes on the contract to their own suppliers and takes an extra cut.
  3. You could sign a deal with a manufacturer who has never made anything like your product before.
  4. A company will rarely, if ever reveal the following details:

    • Does the factory have skilled workers?
    • Do they have a proper QC system?
    • Do they have the necessary equipment?
  5. The factory might be too busy to make your orders by themselves and choose to subcontract the order to a poorer quality competitor.
  6. Remove the guesswork when selecting a supplier from several competitive options.
  7. Some companies may have applied some certification, but it doesn’t guarantee that they really follow the standard or operation guide of the certification. They applied it just for show, instead real quality improvement.

A factory capability audit service removes the risk and guesswork from selecting a supplier

Factory capacity audits also have the following positive effects

  1. They lead to greater cooperation from suppliers.
  2. They ensure suppliers do their best work for you.
  3. They give you a clear understanding of the factories’ capability and their experience.


What we will check during an factory capability audit

  1. Factory profile: Ownership, contact details, license, certification etc.  
  2. Facility: Office, equipment, production line, etc.
  3. Quality management system
  4. HR management system, employee’s situation
  5. Main products and what countries they have sold to
  6. Review the produced product, and product in the company’s showroom


Guangdong province: 350$ All inclusive.

Outside of Guangdong province: 400~600$ all inclusive (depends on the location)

≥2 factories for the same product: Contact us

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