Contract Service

1)Why you should book contract service except the PI ?

PI is not enough to protect you when dispute occurs, and per our previous experience, only PI but without contract,

in most of cases, it is rather difficult to tackle the dispute.


2)What you can benefit from our contract service?

★Clearly agreed, to avoid dispute

With our customized contract, it will cover all the key terms reached between you and supplier, such as model,quality ,quantity and price of the product and delivery date as well as payment way.Of course, if you have special request and it was noted by the supplier, this part will be stressed in the contract in order to remind the supplier not to forget it during production.In a word, the contract which indicate the right and obligation of both parties will be a guideline for both parties in the transaction.With it, in order to achieve the goal of the contract, each party could fully understand what he should do and should not do.And what measures he could adopt when the counterparty failed to do the part he should do.

★Clearly agreed, to settle dispute

Generally speaking, the purpose for both parties to sign a contract is to avoid the unexpected situation.However, there are still possibility that below situation could happen during the transaction.

①shipment delayed

②unqualified product


④others not meet your requirement

With our contract service, all these you could find relevant provisions in the contract you and supplier signed.In other word, the liability for breach of contracts show in the contract could simplify the procedure between you and supplier when negative result occur.


3)The general content of sales and purchase contract

1) contract NO. and signing address

2) the name and address of the seller and buyer

3) product name,model,specification,qty,unit price,currency,delivery term, total amount.

4) delivery date,delivery place,transportation way

5) Packing and Mark as well as label

6) the standard of product and the inspection

7) the right and obligation of both parties, warranty

8) liability for breach contract

9) reponsibility of exemption

10) dispute resolution

11) the conditions for contract come into force and termination