Container Loading Supervision

 container loading supervision purchase well solution

                                                                                                                                                                                                   275USD/Man-day All inclusive

What is the Container Loading Supervision?

Container Loading Supervision is the last step to make the whole order to be fulfilled, and is essential to ensure that the products you ordered are safely loaded ,prevent from damaging during loading,so that to reduce the risk of damage during shipment.

What do we check during the Container Loading Supervision?

①record weather conditions, arrival time of container, container number and trailer number

②check whether there is any damage, moist and special smell

③check the quantity and external packing of goods

④randomly check to verify the actual packed goods

⑤supervise the loading process to minimize damage and maximize space utilization

⑥record seal number and departure time

What you can benefit from the Container Loading Supervision?

•We check the quantity, packing list ,marks of the packaging to make sure that the goods you receive is what you ordered.

•We will supervise the whole process of loading to guarantee that all the goods can be loaded safely.

•You will always receive your goods in a  good condition with our responsive supervision and direction during the loading.