About PWS

As an independent quality control service provider, we are providing each and every client their own customized solutions to their purchasing process to import goods from China. Our sincere working attitude and devotion to always be a reliable, independent third party firm, which are the bases of our belief to serve our clients. Through our Supplier Development, Inspection Services and Testing Services, we aim to help our clients secure and optimize their supply chain value in their business with Chinese suppliers.

Our main services:
1, Supplier development
2, Inspection services
3, Testing services

Core value:

Reliability  Helpfulness  Innovation

Code of conduct:

No.1: Sincere attitude
Working sincerely for each client of ours, company managers keep zero tolerance against fraud and corruption.
No.2: Fair dealing
Each employee and manager will deal fairly with the company's customers, colleagues, competitors, and all other partners and will not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing or practice.
No.3: Creative spirit
Each employee and manager aims to serve our customer with better and better “purchase-well solutions”, and keeps our service always creative by learning details of each job or customer’s demands, instead following the crowd.

Areas of expertise:

Fully in our capability

 Partly in our cabability

○ Out of our capability 




Lab Testing

Supply Chain Management  


LED lightings

Consumer electronics



E-cig products

Electrical parts

Phone accessories


Home supplies

Hardware poducts