A reliable sourcing,QC team in China.

Initial Survey $390/Man-day (All inclusive)

  • *No more gambling-selection when you choose suppliers
  • *5-10 verified supplier options
  • *legal information of the suppliers
  • *general knowledge about the production flow on your target product
  • *Clear price, quality difference








Pre-Shipment Inspection from 255 USD/case(depends on difficult grade)

  • *Strict and standard inspection 
  • *Inspector=professional staff not equal to camera
  • *Discover the quality risk
    *Advise on quality improvement
  • *Only inspect what we know well








Total Solution from 205 USD/case (on-demand customized)

*Fast price check 

*Total ordering fulfillment 

 *Quality check on site or on           delivery in our warehous

 *Drop shipping, payment  arrangement,etc












  • It was really a surprise when I first time got report from PWS, it saved me a lot of time from selecting those Chinese suppliers, with clear price quality difference, supplier information, I was so confident to place orders.From then on, PWS has been working excellently for my deals in China. Appreciate it. –Chris from USA

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